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Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Multi-Toned Lace and Flower-Petal Wedding Jewellery

I created some more wedding jewellery last week, for display at Urban Bride Boutique.  We're working with my stock there, listening to what bride's are asking for in terms of style and colour.  White wedding dresses are still popular, of course, but tones of  ivory, cream, soft yellow, champagne, cafe au lait, and blush pink are being added as well, or used instead of white.  Lace is still very popular, which makes me very happy!

I made another hydrangea petal necklace, this one in neutral tones, although I will be making another blue one as well.

The photography of this piece doesn't actually depict how it is worn, an oversight on my part.  The pendant comes down from the left side of the necklace, curving slightly into the centre.

These hydrangeas are off-white with a soft pale yellow centre and I made the petals frilly by adding off-white lace to them.  The memory wire necklace is made from white pearls and crystal beads, with the same white pearls in the centre of the flowers.

This is another necklace and earring set I made, incorporating different shades:


I inset pieces of white and silver lace into a pretty silver chain, then embellished the lace with cream polymer clay roses and leaves, and cafe au lait flat-back pearls.  This would match pretty much any colour of dress, and it would be interesting to hold it up to different colours, to see how it makes the different shades in the necklace pop out.

Just to play with the cafe au lait colour a little more, I made a silky bracelet with matching lace embellishment. In the picture, it actually looks more taupe, but it isn't. 

Then, I moved into blush pink, which I love to use.  The first piece is definitely a "statement" necklace, although I find this overused word a little errant because I think whatever style or size of jewellery you choose to wear, you make a statement about your style.  This definitely has presence, however, with the large chiffon flowers and three strands of glass pearls.

The pearls are soft yellow, pale blush pink and white.  The chiffon flowers are blush pink with a centre focal on one side which is actually a slightly pinker shade.  The aurora borealis crystals pick up all of the shades.

I made earrings with the same embellished lace flower as is in the centre, because I wasn't sure if the pearl earrings or the lace ones would look best, and of course it gives the bride options.  Then decided to make one into a pendant as well, putting it on a sparkly twisted chain.  This set may be a simpler design, but it looks really pretty on.  It's a very lightweight set, too.

What shade do you like, or do you like them combined?

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