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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jewelled Pre-Loved Clothing and Accessories, and Some Cat Fun!

Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Jill of Shop Your Wardrobe, and after some chatting back and forth about pre-loved, or thrift, shopping, she kindly asked me to contribute to a post she was writing on that topic.  Use this link to not only check out the post, but her wonderful site as well!

In looking at what I wanted to contribute to this post, I decided to pull out a denim jacket (bought in a thrift store) that I had remade somewhat, and embellished for myself.  Besides making jewellery, I also love to embellish clothing, and I've done this for years.  It's basically putting the jewellery right on the clothing.

I took off the top part of the collar, shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length, then embellished the jacket with all kinds of lace, jewels and goodies.  I paired it with an also pre-loved long tiered skirt in shades of coral/orange.  This boho-feminine look is really my personal style.

I also chose to send Jill pictures of a beautiful oriental jacket and purse I had bought secondhand.  I draped a necklace (made from pre-loved lace, and embellished with lots of crystals) I have recently made over the purse to show how that can really had interest to a bag.  I included the earrings just to show them with the necklace.

When I was photographing this set, my big Maine Coon cat, Fluffy, decided she really couldn't wait any longer for some attention and brushing, so she hopped up onto the bed and moved right in!

Then she started batting at the chord hanging from my fish-eye lens, and basically the photo shoot was done until she got everything she wanted from me! :)

Finally, resting after her big play!

I'll get back to photographing later...