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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lace and Flower Petal Wedding Jewelry

I haven't done a post here for a while because I've been researching the best vehicle for setting up an online store, and methods of  taking payment.  I'd like to put that into place very soon, although my internet seems to be having difficulty with a few functions right now, so I may have to wait until that gets sorted out, hopefully soon!

But I've also been working on some wedding jewelry.  Because of  my style, and the materials I use, many of my pieces really lend themselves to weddings, either to be worn by the bride or her party or family.  But these are some that I think would be especially suited to that occasion.

I love to combine my floral design and jewelry-making skills and materials, and the following pieces do that.  I love these beautiful pink flowers and flower petals!  I think this first necklace would be perfect for a beach or garden wedding, don't you?

I also did a necklace and earring set with soft blue flower petals, mixed with grey pearls, blue and purple glass, and white lace.  Magenta highlights add a pop of colour.  Something blue?

I also wanted to do a beautiful traditional set, so I combined a white cotton lace pendant with blush pink pearls and vintage crystals.  This is very elegant and eye-catching.


For the bride who wants a pop of fiery red, as many brides are opting to do now, I made a red layered lace floating necklace, embellished with pearls and crystals.  This would be gorgeous for any time of the year, but I especially think this necklace would be lovely for a Christmas wedding as the flower, layered the way it is, resembles a poinsettia to me.  What do you think?

When I made the white and gold body necklace set I shared in an earlier post, I immediately thought wedding.  Here it is again.

Brides are always looking for unique gifts for their wedding party, and I think the angel jewelry that I make, using pink opaque inverted glass hearts and crystal halos would be perfect for that.  The earrings here are displayed in hand-painted mini photo frames, to make the gift extra special.

I'd love to know what you think of these pieces, and which are your favourite.  If you were getting married, what kind of jewelry would you like to wear?

Monday, 6 May 2013

"Inspirational Words" Collection

Incorporating meaningful words or phrases into jewelry designs is something that is popular right now, for good reason.  I wanted to come up with a way to bring them into my pieces, in a way that suits my style of jewelry.  I settled on the idea of stitching words onto pieces of lace, then working the jewelry design around them.  I started doing embroidery as a child, and have always enjoyed it, so this seemed a perfect way for me to bring together two things I love doing - jewelry-making and embroidery!

I had some aqua-colored lace that leant itself to stitching on, so that's what I used for this collection.  All the pieces are reversible, with the writing only on one side, so you get two looks.  And even if the word isn't showing outwardly, it is still close to you, encouraging you.

The first piece is a bracelet with a "Joy" focal.  The swirly clasp is at one side of the word.  Here's the front and back. 

I added crystals and little embroidered flowers around the words in this collection.  I love making those little flowers - hadn't done them in years! :)
The rest are necklaces.  I decided to make them as charm holders, incorporating lots of bright beads.  If someone doesn't want to add their own charms, the necklaces are really pretty just the way they are.  But they could also add some silver or gold charms into the mix, or take out a bead to replace it with a charm.
The first one is a "Love" Charm Holder Necklace on a pink cord. 
Next, a "Peace" necklace with mother-of-pearl beads added into some pretty chain.
Again in purple and turquoise tones, "Faith" has lots of fun lampwork beads, and an interesting pair of earrings made with two of these beads. 



 The "Hope" necklace is on a pale aqua ribbon that perfectly matches the lace..



I really enjoyed making these, with all the brightly-colored beads and lovely words to stitch! 
I would be happy to take orders for this type of jewelry, with words, phrases, or names that are individually meaningful to customers.  

Friday, 3 May 2013

"Tender Garden Collection" Lace Necklaces

These are the necklaces I made with my green lace, and this is the remainder of the "Tender Garden Collection", at least for now.

A couple of these are chokers, and they are very pretty on, with the embellishments.  They also have earrings with them, which really completes the look. 

The first choker is reversible.  The earrings are reversible as well.


As you can see, the first side has a bright pink focal, whereas the second side brings in a mauvy-pink tone, softer, as well as pearls.
The second necklace isn't reversible, but it is highly embellished, including some coral sticks.
This is a wider lace, and I found that when I tried it on I felt like a princess, with all the beautiful embellishment on it!  
The next necklace and earring set shows a lace pendant on a triple-strand cord.  Here, I embellished the lace on one side with lots of little seed beads.  I find that this is one of my favorite things to do with lace, and one of my favorite ways to use those little tiny beads!


On the other side, I just put a few crystals to keep that side simpler, but lots of tones of green and turquoise are represented here.

The last one I have to show today is just a pendant.  It could be put on a chain or cord, or a strand of beads.  Again, I've used lots of little seed beads on one side, and kept the second side simpler.

Thank you for taking this tour of my necklace collection!  I'd love to hear your comments, and which you like best.  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Jewelled Purse

A garden sprang up at my place today.  Not outside ... but on my purse!

Yesterday my friend graciously passed on to me a tin of her mother's jewelry - so much retro and vintage loveliness!  My eyes immediately went to a number of brightly-colored flower pins and earrings.  I love that retro flower jewelry! 

I knew I wanted to do a project that incorporated more than one of the pieces, because they look so pretty in a bunch, just like a garden where someone has thrown a handful of mixed seed down and all kinds of flowers come up together.  I eventually settled on the idea of putting them on a purse.  I had this brightly color-blocked purse that I felt was a perfect background for my flowers.  And this was my result ...

I embellished and fixed up some of the pieces, and added some bits of green lace in among the flowers.

I hope my outdoor gardens look this bright and cheery this year!