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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Urban Contemporary? ... Animal Print Botanicals!

I've been showing a lot of wedding designs recently, but that hasn't been all I've been doing.  It's just that I haven't gotten to sharing some of the other things.  Time for a little catch-up!

I've also been continuing to pursue having an online store.  I had finally decided to set up an etsy store as my first venue, and did all the preparation for that, and then ran into a problem uploading photos to their site (my computer's problem, not theirs), so had to put that on hold until I could get some help in coming up with a solution.  I do have a solution now, so my intention is to get some stock into my store there within the next week.  Finally!

Also, I recently decided to contact a store in my area regarding selling my jewellery there.  Their style is defined as "urban contemporary", and I wasn't sure I had just the right inventory to show them, so I decided to see what I could come up with, while still staying within my particular style.  I found some lace that I had been holding onto for a while, waiting for just the right time and occasion to design with, and felt that it might fit the bill.  It's a combination of animal print and botanicals (flowers and leaves), and along with the usual brown and black associated with animal prints, there are beautiful tones of bright turquoise, green and yellow.  I made up four pieces to start with.  I'll definitely be adding more to the collection in the near future. I haven't heard back from the store at this point, but I'm happy to have these pieces made up now.

The lace is mounted on a large 3" diameter wooden ring for this piece, and the next one, and I used a memory wire necklace here for a more urban look.  The green flower embellishment was made from a vintage pin but I think it has a contemporary look on this design, yes?

I decided to highlight the turquoise in this piece by placing the pendant on four strands of small stone beads. All four of these are large-size statement pieces.

I love yellow, and I am really fond of this piece!  The curved pendant with the zebra stripes and sparkles created an easy base for the yellow, turquoise and green lace section I added on one side of it.  And the chain with the yellow discs was just the right contemporary finish for it.

I didn't want to do all necklaces so the last piece is a cuff bracelet.  I covered a vintage acrylic cuff that had animal stripes on it to start with, with my lace.  For an attention-grabbing focal I adhered what were vintage wooden earrings in bright turquoise and green tones.  Again, I think they have a contemporary look on this design.

I really enjoyed doing these pieces, and look forward to doing more for my Animal Print Botanical Collection.  I'd love to know what you think of them!

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