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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pink Bridal Headpiece and Jewelry

I'm still in wedding mode in my creating.  I really enjoy doing bridal jewelry and accessories!  A few days ago I got the idea "pink wedding veils and headpieces" stuck in my brain, and it wouldn't go away.  So I did the only thing possible - made one!

I had some pink netting in stock from a previous unrelated project, and I think that's where the inspiration came from.  I wanted to see if I could do something pretty with it.  I wanted to mix it with white tones though, so that it could still be worn with a white wedding dress.  Combined with a bit of pink in a floral bouquet, or with a pink sash, it would look beautiful I think.

 The pretty heart you see here is a vintage pendant that I thought was perfect for here, to add a little pop of brighter color and a little sparkle to the back of the headpiece.  It really picks up the romantic nature of the piece too.
The headband part is a mix of pearls and sequin trim.
 I had some other vintage jewelry elements with the same color of pink, so I decided to make a jewelry set as well, that could be worn to coordinate with the headpiece if the bride chose to.

I definitely feel that Pink Pearls by Tamara is going to carry a more extensive line of pink bridal headpieces, hair jewels, jewelry sets and accessories.  It resonated with me as something that should be a signature part of my collection.  There's still the softness and romance, but with a little color, a little uniqueness.  I can't wait to do more!

What do you think - would you wear a pink (or other colored) bridal hairpiece?


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